Onar Santorini

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    Greek moussaka

    Greek moussaka: fresh beef minced-meat, potato, eggplant and béchamel (cooked in 15′ minutes on demand)

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    Chicken fillet

    Chicken fillet marinated in yoghurt, ginger, spices, accompanied with potato salad and grilled Arab pitta bread

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    Smoked pork steak

    Smoked pork steak (smoked in olive tree wood for about 24 hours) with sautéed baby potatoes and green salad

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    Grilled beef rib

    Grilled beef rib with roasted vegetables, basil pesto, flavored butter and sauteed baby potatoes

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    Grilled shrimp

    Grilled shrimp, marinated in olive oil, garlic, thyme, tomato salad, feta cheese and mint dressing

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    Santorinia: Cherry tomatoes, katsouni, onion, caper, caper leaves, goat cheese chloro, olive oil (Salad of the season)

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    Seasonal salad

    Melon salad marinated with citrus fruits, roasted florini pepper, red-green chili and grilled halloumi wrapped in prosciutto (Seasonal salad)

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    Warm fresh tuna salad

    Warm fresh tuna salad: grilled asparagus, sauteed cherry tomatoes smothered with must, colorful peppers, fresh herbs and tuna tataki

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