Onar Santorini

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    Enchanting, romantic, cosmopolitan, impressive. Any way you name it, Santorini is a unique tourist destination for every taste and any requirement.

    Santorini is one of the few sightseeings in Greece, with rare, wild beauty, created by a volcanic eruption, which is in the middle of the island bay and stretches semisercularly around it, like a half-moon! It consist of three islands: Thera, Therasia and the desert Aspronisi island. All three form an oval basin in the middle of which are the islets of  “Palaia Kameni” and “New Kameni”.

    Your travel to this island, which is the most southern in the Cyclades, will remain unforgettable for many reasons. You will enjoy the unique spectacle, a stroll in the scenic alleys of Oia, which is on top of red rocks. You will go to the volcano by boat, you will visit Ancient Thera and the unearthed from ash Minoan city; you will enjoy yourselves until the early hours of the day and you will swim in one of the many beaches of the island, in a crystal clear sea. Santorini is connected by boat with Piraeus, Rhodes, Crete and many other islands of the Aegean sea.

    The main export product of Santorini is wine, since the vineyards of the island are favoured by the volcanic soil in combination with the sparce rainfall and the winds that blow on the island. The most popular varieties are the “Nyctheri” and the famous Vinsanto (Vino Santo). In the local products there are also the renowned cherry tomatoes (tomatoes the size of a cherry), fava and “Katsounia” (a kind of cucumber).

    Today Santorini is the unique Volcano Caldera in the world, which is inhabited. In contrast with other Greek islands, the towns and villages are built on the rocks of the Caldera and from a distance they are seen like snow on high mountain tops. The colourful layers of the volcanic rocks are spectacular by themselves: chocolate brown, rusty red, ochre yellow, white and cream. The geological uniqueness however, is not the only thing that makes Santorini a magical destination for holidays. The sunset in Santorini from Caldera, is virtually a magical painting with the volcano as setting. The changing colours from deep red to yellow, orange and purple, as the sun sets in the Aegean sea and becomes golden-red, reflecting the light in the sea and the surrounding islands, offer an unprecedented experience for the sake of which thousands of tourists visit the island every year!


    Cosmopolitan resort on Santorini


    The charming capital of Santorini


    Imposing archeological site


    The most popular beach on Santorini


    With the famous black sand.


    Santorini, the volcanic island in the Aegean sea,is definitely the dream of a lifetime for millions of people around the world and offers intense excitement and strong emotions to all visitors without exception!